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3 Vegetables to Plant in Your Spring 2022 Garden

Cucumbers make for an excellent addition to any spring garden. We can't express enough how excited we are for spring 2022! Gardening is a great activity we can't wait to get back to; It reduces stress, promotes Vitamin D intake, increases serotonin, and overall is a great hobby to share with friends and family. Gardening also influences what we eat, and if you've never cultivated your own garden, you might be wondering what kinds of veggies you can plant that will improve your diet. We're here to share our favorite ones:  Arugula and mixed lettuces Arugula, romaine, and other lettuce plants will provide the base foundation for all the salads you could put together with your other veggies! Since greens don't do so well in heat, they're much easier to plant in the spring in comparison to those hot summer months. In general, it's advised to harvest after at least 30 days.  Cucumbers Although cucumbers won't be the best option for early spring, they're s