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Pond Care 101: Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Pond From The Professionals At Elzy Milling

If you have a pond on your property, you know how important it is to keep it healthy and well-maintained. A well-maintained pond not only adds to the beauty of your property but also creates a healthy environment for the fish and other aquatic life living in it. So, it won't just benefit you! In this blog post, the professionals at Elzy Milling will discuss some simple steps for maintaining your pond to ensure it stays in great condition no matter what. Inspect and Clean Your Pond Regularly The first step in maintaining your pond is also the most obvious. You must regularly inspect and clean your pond. At least once a month. Make sure to check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks, and make repairs as necessary. If they are too much for you to handle, you can always call in a professional, like us at Elzy Milling ! Our program will have your pond looking as good as new. Clean out any debris that has accumulated in the pond, including leaves, twigs, and any other detritu

Summer Garden Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Garden Lush and Healthy

  With the Summer months coming up soon, you need to be able to keep your garden in check. With Elzy Milling's great services and products, your garden will blossom beautifully! There are several great reasons why you should care for your garden, from increasing your curb appeal to making sure that insects don't bother you. So, continue reading in order to learn tips and tricks from the professionals at Elzy Milling! Preparing Your Garden for Summer Before you do anything with your garden, make sure it is fully ready for the new crops. Clean Out Old Plants & Debris A lot can build up in your garden over the winter. Debris, old plants, and more can wind up hurting your garden. So, it is imperative to get rid of anything that is still in your garden, so your new plants can grow to their fullest!  Prepare The Soil There are many steps in making sure that your soil is the best it can be. First, you can choose to test your soil with a kit, making sure to take note of your pH lev