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Birds of a Feather

As you may know, Elzy Milling & Trade offers a wide variety of wild bird seeds that can be bought in bulk or by the pound. Hummingbirds, bluebirds, and cardinals are just some of the winged friends you might attract with our seeds! How much do you know about the mythical and superstitious origins of wild birds? Here are some popular examples. Since the early days of mankind, birds were thought to be messengers of the gods--long before we ever used them to send messages between humans. And since they inhabit every continent, there is so much interesting lore about them that differs by country! In many cultures due to widespread Christianity, a white dove is a symbol of peace. In ancient Greece, though, cranes and eagles were thought to be sacred due to their religious connections. In yet another region of the world, the wild quetzal was a spiritual bird for many Mesoamericans, while among the Yoruba people of Africa, the parrot is sacred. Here are a few more avian tidbits: In the

Keep Up with Your Home with Elzy Milling and Trade

  Who are we?     For roughly 170 years, Elzy Milling and Trade has played a constant role in helping farm families around Bellville. Today, we have tripled in size, occupying seven buildings on a two-block campus in downtown Bellville. We have received commendations from numerous elected officials, and have been mentioned in many articles, magazines, and newspapers. In 2015, we proudly became the first Richland County company to win both the Richland Community Development Group's Business Excellence Award and the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce's Small Business of the year award, in the same year. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve our area and look forward to continuing our service here. For those who enjoy history, Elzy Milling and Trade is worth the visit.  What do we do?      Elzy Milling and Trade offers a unique shopping experience. We offer home products as well as agricultural products based on your needs. We have many products such as home and kitchen