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Garden Care for the Summer

           We are in the throes of summer and our gardens are starting to show it, looking overgrown and faded. At Elzy Milling and Trade Ltd., we try to help our customers as much as possible no matter what the question or project is. Here are some tips we hope will help you keep your garden looking fresh and rejuvenated all summer long, while also protecting it from the heat and sun of the season.          One of the best things you can do for your garden in the middle of a sweltering summer is to keep your soil moist. This will help protects the roots of your plants from the heat and provide your plants with the moisture they need. Watering your garden in the morning before the sun has finished rising is the best time of day. Your plants will have the moisture they need throughout the day, and they won't get too hot.      The next thing you can do to protect your garden is to utilize mulch. This not only helps to protect the roots of your plants from the sun, but it will also he